Vendor Spotlight


April 2, 2020

The Highlights:  BioLab Sciences is….a regenerative health company that focuses on epithelial healing. BioLab Sciences does not… sell directly to providers but through distributors like Salus Medical!  To create their amnio-related products… Consenting patients scheduled for C-sections donate their amniotic tissue (only donations from planned C-sections are accepted) A separate tissue bank/company collects fluid/tissue Collected…

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Vendor Spotlight: Inject-Safe Barrier Bandages

August 27, 2019

Salus Medical is excited to introduce one of our newest products (and vendors) Inject-Safe Barrier Bandages!  Since one of the main purposes of this bandage is to promote efficiency, let’s get to the point with what you should know about Inject-Safe and its innovative barrier bandage:  Inject-Safe began research and testing in 2011 and their…

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Vendor Spotlight: Innovative Healthcare Corporation

July 29, 2019

Salus Medical is proud to introduce our first Vendor Spotlight, featuring our primary glove company, Innovative Healthcare Corporation.  The Highlights: Innovative Healthcare Corporation They are… Our #1 pick for gloves at Salus as we build our glove portfolio. They have…  The best sampling system; they go above and beyond to find products that fit our…

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