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Salus Medical offers a broad portfolio of FDA-approved medications, disposable medical supplies, biologics and natural products. As a privately owned company, we are dedicated to the value we deliver to the US healthcare system rather than the bottom line.

Flu Vaccine Prebooks (2020-2021 Season)

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Flu in the time of Coronavirus

Higher influenza vaccination rates could help prevent a future pandemic by exposing new viruses like Covid-19, which was probably circulating much earlier than December 2019 but was mistaken for flu, an expert has said.

If more people were vaccinated against flu, unusually high rates of flu-like illness would be more likely to raise red flags, said Jason Kindrachuk, an assistant professor in epidemiology from the University of Manitoba. “Given that both Covid-19 and influenza share similar early symptoms of illness, influenza vaccination status provides an additional mechanism to help distinguish potential infections that could be responsible for a patient’s symptoms.

Helen Davidson– The Guardian (April 10th, 2020)

Afluria Quad 0.5mL PF, Pediatric Prefilled Syringe
6-35 Months (10 Pack)
Afluria Quad 0.5mL Prefilled Syringe
36 Months + (10 Pack)
Afluria Quad 5mL MDV
6 Months+ (10 Dose)
Flucelvax 5mL MDV Quad (Egg Free)
4 Years+ (10 Dose)
Flucelvax 0.5mL Quad Prefilled Syringe (Egg Free)
4 Years+ (10 Pack)


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Why Salus?

Salus Medical is dedicated to delivering value to the US healthcare system while combining quality and economy.

We specialize in acquiring hard-to-find products for our customers and operate with the ideology that efficiency does not negate quality. Our number one rule: some people give customer service, but we give customer care.

On-time Delivery

We incorporate multiple warehouses into our distribution system, enabling us to deliver the products you need when you need them.

Cost Effectiveness

We have built a large network of direct-to-manufacturer and strategic supply relationships that drive your cost down, enhancing the long-term sustainability of your business.

Quality Assurance

We are a fully-licensed wholesaler that is compliant with both state and federal agency regulations, ensuring the delivered products are of the highest quality.

Customer Relationships

Because we are a privately owned company, we treat you and your business as partners, not a transaction. You are our priority.

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