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ONE13™ Topical CBD Relief

Recognizing that many practitioners within the continuum of care are interested in both homeopathic products as well as Rx products to support patients on their path to better health, Salus Medical has taken the liberty of partnering with certified homeopathic product manufacturers that we feel add value to the continuum of care. As a foray into this realm of medicine, Salus has taken on the exclusive distribution of:  ONE13™ Topical CBD Relief 

ONE13™ Topical CBD Relief is made from the highest quality ingredients, sustainably sourced, and lovingly prepared. This product has undergone years of testing and is made with 100% FDA approved GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) ingredients. ONE13™ Topical CBD Relief is a patent-pending formula that has been evaluated by industry experts, doctors, and Ph.D.’s from all walks of life.

Salus is the exclusive distribution partner for ONE13™ Topical CBD Relief. For additional information on this product, please “Contact Us” us or call 1-888-566-3778 to speak to a educated sales representative about how to integrate the delivery of this product into your patient care experience.

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