Disposable Medical Products

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Salus Medical, LLC, carries a multitude of disposable medical supply products. Due to our wide range of customers and contracts, we can provide all of the supplies needed to keep your healthcare facility or pharmacy running smoothly.

We routinely stock:

Needles Catheters Band-Aids
Gauze Sharps Collectors Face Masks
IV Supplies Skin Barriers Medical Bags
Diabetic Supplies Surgical Tapes Specimen Containers
Scalpels Scissors Urinalysis Strips
Sutures Alcohol Pads Germicidal Soaps

If we do not currently stock a product you need, we can help you to obtain the most cost effective products available on the market. We are dedicated to serving our extensive customer base and are ready to team up with you! Please “Contact Us” us or call us at 1-888-566-3778 to obtain a full list of the disposable medical products that we carry.

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