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Vendor Spotlight: Innovative Healthcare Corporation

Salus Medical is proud to introduce our first Vendor Spotlight, featuring our primary glove company, Innovative Healthcare Corporation.  The Highlights: Innovative Healthcare Corporation They are… Our #1 pick for gloves at Salus as we build our glove portfolio. They have… …

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Back-to-School: Vaccines 101

Summer spells out travel plans, hot weather (at least here in Arizona), and immunization updates! So, we’ve put together a guide for all things immunization and vaccine-related.  Mind Your P’s, Q’s, and VISs Breaks from school equal prime time for…

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Six Ways to Donate Blood Like a Pro

If you are new to donating blood or the thought itself makes you a little uneasy (or downright queasy), take a look at our list of tips to ensure a positive experience.

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